ABO-Group Environment specialises in a new niche with the acquisition of SWBO

ABO-Group acquires Belgian engineering firm SWBO. SWBO, based in Dendermonde, is an engineering company specialising in the design of road and sewerage works. It is also active in the field of soil surveys. The company has more than 30 years of experience and elaborates studies for car parks and pavements, up to the complete design of passageways and residential parcels. To this end, SWBO has a team of structural engineers, draughtsmen, engineers and surveyors.

“For ABO-Group, the acquisition represents an entry into a field in which we were not previously active,” says CEO Frank De Palmenaer. “Together with the recent acquisitions – MEET HET and Rimeco – we can now combine knowledge and experience within this field into a strong whole.”

The current managing director, Christophe de Ruysscher, will remain at the head of the company during the transition phase and will eventually hand over the leadership to the group. “ABO-Group represents a suitable partner for us to ‘pass the torch’ to,” says Christophe, current director of SWBO. “Over the years, we have put SWBO on the map within Dendermonde as a reference study agency for the design of roads and sewers. It is now time to enter a new phase for the company, within a larger group, where we can act as an important addition within their existing activities.”

SWBO consists of a team of seven employees and realised an EBITDA of 450 000 euros in 2022.