ABO-Group continues on its growth path and ses iets revenue rise by another 10%!

ABO-Group continues on its growth path and sees its total revenue rise by another 10% to 40.4 million euros, amongst others due to strong organic growth of 14% in Belgium and the integration of the recent acquisitions of SEGED and DynaOpt in France.

In both the Dutch and French markets, Geotechnics was under pressure. Thanks to the acquisition of DynaOpt and the residual impact of Geo-Supporting, this branch managed to achieve another 3% growth with a total of €21.5 million (€20.9 million in 1H 2022). However, after adjusting for the effect of the aforementioned acquisitions, the geotechnical business experienced negative growth of -0.5%. The acquisition of SEGED and the last months of Colsen accounted for an 11% revenue increase in the Environment business. In addition, the strong organic growth of 7% in this segment allowed the environmental business to close the first half of the year with a 18.8 million euros of sales total, 18% higher than 1H 2022 at 15.9 million euros. This increased the environmental division’s share from 43% to 47%.

Thanks to ABO-Group’s diversified product offerings and a number of large framework contracts, most entities’ order books are well filled for the coming months. In particular, further developments in the European mining sector are expected to support the resumption of geotechnical activities. On this basis, management expects to maintain revenue growth in the second half of this financial year. In addition, the Company will focus on internal efficiency and cost optimisation with renewed effort in order to alleviate margin pressure within the operating entities. However, the Company will in any case continue to invest, both in people, assets and external acquisitions in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Thanks to the sound organic and external growth, combined with the positive outlook for the coming period, ABO-Group is perfectly on track in its plan to reach the 100 million euros revenue milestone by the end of 2025 at the latest.