ABO provides specific advice for soil and construction projects. A team of in-house engineers tackles numerous projects in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.



Geomet is a leading geotechnical consultancy in the Netherlands. The advice department has the knowledge, experience and software of providing an economic and practical solution for any geotechnical question. We give the highest priority to quality, customer-friendliness and service.



ABO-ERG is a France-based independent engineering firm, working in the soil sector. The main themes are Geotechnical, Water and Contaminated land. They conduct these activities both on land and sea. Technicality, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and safety are the four core values of the company.


ABO Milieuconsult

ABO Milieuconsult is a multidisciplinary consultancy office active in soil and environmental projects within the Netherlands.



E20 is a fast-growing dynamic energy and engineering consulting company employing multidisciplinary experts and engineers. Our team possesses different technical and scientific backgrounds providing global energy services. E20 guarantees efficient handling of various energy issues through transparent and timely communication and a coordinated approach to extensive expertise, knowledge and know-how.